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Give Your Baby Its First Voice Lessons!

"Babies’ Language Learning Starts from the Womb  From their very first days, newborns’ cries already bear the mark of language their parents speak, reveals a new study published online in CURRENT BIOLOGY.  The findings suggest that infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language in the womb, and certainly long before the first babble or coo." ~~ from the November 5, 2009 issue of Science News

Start developing your baby's inner ear and pitch through interval recognition and repetition


Pitch Doctors presents

In-Womb Learning:

Voice Lessons for Your Baby

     For almost two decades, Coach Robert Hoefer has committed himself to developing and implementing a vocal improvement curriculum which would provide his students more full-scale development. He focused not just on finger placement or note identification, but also a more useful and gratifying professional vocal-enhancing experience. His method is based on the previous teaching and learning philosophies set by Dr. Arpad Darazs and his colleagues known as the Kodaly Method, after Zoltan Kodaly. Expanding upon this method, Coach Robert realized that there are specific areas that need mastery if one is to achieve total vocal performance excellence. The most essential of these is ear and pitch development; a skill that is best developed if introduced at an early age. In 2007, Coach Robert fathered his second child and decided to prove his notion by having his wife expose their unborn daughter, Farron, to his "voice lessons" CD, which introduced her to specific musical modulations and patterns in utero. To his delight, their daughter was born with the ability to verbalize (by mostly crying, as babies do) in perfect intervals relating to pitch - her cry was an actual major scale - or she would cry in perfect octaves! Coach Robert now offers his proven program to expectant parents everywhere to help give the gift of perfect pitch development to their babies.

     For over twenty years students of all ages have benefitted from Coach Robert's training.  Read some of their testimonials here.

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